NAMM_2019 Bass

NAMM 2019: Bergantino schießt mit dem forté HP den Power-Vogel ab!

Dieser Amp macht wirklich neugierig: der neue Bergantino forté HP ist ein Kraftpaket, dessen hochmoderne Class-D-Endstufe satte 1200 Watt zu leisten vermag - bei einem Gewicht von nur etwas mehr als 3 Kilogramm!

Hier die Features:

  • Built-in parallel compression
  • Drive Circuits: "Pick Two" - Choose from O/D, Soft clip "purr" to massive, mix shredding distortion, and all out Fuzz, via software downloads.
  • Variable Low-Pass (VLPF) and Variable High-Pass (VHPF) filters, critical for precise tone shaping and taming of the most challenging gigging environments.
  • 4-Band Tone Controls: Bass: +/-10db @65hz, Lo-Mid:+/-10db @250hz, Hi-Mid: +/-10db @ 1khz, Treble: +/-10db @ 3.5khz
  • Bright Switch: Selectable between 2 khz @ +6db and 7 khz @ +8db
  • Auxiliary Input and Headphone jack for personal monitor and practice
  • Bluetooth footswitchable features including Drive, Effect, Bright, and Mute Software upgradable via front USB port
  • Rack mountable with optional rack ears
  • Effects send and return loop
  • Studio quality Direct Output: software selectable Pre or Post EQ
  • UPS - Universal power supply 115VAC - 240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Power Section: 600W @ 8 Ohms, 1200W RMS @ 4 Ohms, 1200W RMS @ 2 Ohms
  • Dimensions: 13.25" (W) x 8.375" (D) x 3.75" (H) Weight: 6.4 lbs.

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