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Profilbild von Schmie

Schmie sagt:

#1 - 25.03.2012 um 15:05 Uhr


molto funny druamä... :)

Profilbild von Trap

Trap sagt:

#2 - 26.03.2012 um 13:51 Uhr


Druame mitte Loche inne Mitte isse wie Flasche leer. Boah, wie geil. DANKE Bonedo!

Profilbild von Riccardo Martinazzi

Riccardo Martinazzi sagt:

#3 - 27.03.2012 um 19:58 Uhr


Hello everyone,
my name is Riccardo Martinazzi, from Brescia, Italy.
I wish to apologize for the audio recording about RotodruM, definitely crazy!
I'm the owner of the brand, and I would like to know if you can post a proper explanation of my patent with the video. I already inserted in the forum my apologies, but if you don't look at the comments you can not see it.
The explanation: RotodruM features a new concept of drum.
AVANT TIME drums consist of two semi-shells mounted on a calibrated arm, so that you can change the distance between the heads with a simple move.
This innovation gives you the possibility to not only work on the tuning of the heads but to vary the depth of the drums as you like.
AVANT TIME is the most versatile drum kit ever produced. Varying depth and tuning allows you to play every musical style in every situation.
Another feature is the possibility to insert foam rubber pads (provided with the kit) inside the batter semi-shell and mute the whole drum set.
The perfect way to play drums without disturbing family or neighbors.
Between the batter heads and the foam pads you can insert triggers (also provided) and play your kit as an electronic drumset, plugging it into any E-drum module.
The kit also comes with soft bags and when disassembled and packed for travel or storage it becomes the size of a standard bass drum.
I have post the same in the category "Caractéristiques techniques du produit".
I hope I was clearer now, sorry again! I wait you on my website:

Profilbild von Soenke Reich (Bonedo)

Soenke Reich (Bonedo) sagt:

#4 - 11.04.2012 um 18:42 Uhr


@ Riccardo Martinazzi: Hi Riccardo! Don't worry about your video, we all think, it is very funny! but on the serious side, i can assure you, that your system becomes clear by your explanation in the video, wich already was viewed very often on our website. your drumset was voted the best drum-product on the musikmesse 2012 by the editors of our website, congratulations - the video was already clearly the best of all categories :-). thanks, sönke

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